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Uber fares are 'default fares' to be used if a fare is not negotiated...

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Both the partner agreement and the user agreement specifically say the fares are 'default fares' to be used if a fare is not negotiated between the driver and the rider.

...you and the Company shall always have the right to negotiate a Service Fee different from the pre-arranged fee.
The purpose of the pre-arranged Service Fee is only to act as the default fee in the event neither party negotiates a different amount.

So, go ahead -
Tell your next rider that you charge a $5 pick-up fee in addition to whatever Uber charges.
Get them to send 'I AGREE TO A $5 Fee' to you by txt ...
and then request a fare adjustment from Uber at the end of the trip.

Document the email exchange you have with the CSR that refuses to increase the fare...
and then send it all to Lis-Riordin if Uber either refuses to charge the fee and pay it to you - or deactivates you.

THAT's the lawsuit I want to see.
@chi1cabby and @Another Uber Driver ... what do you think?
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If you could get drivers to do this in numbers it would have a definite effect.
The customer of course will not agree and cancel.
Even the spike in cancelation will have an effect.
It's passive resistance towards corporate policy, and it also takes advantage of their policy.
It absolutely won't work at the customer to sales level tho.
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Only a ******ed driver would negotiate a lower fare.
Except in certain situations.
I was stuck behind an accident today, taxi meter running.
8 minutes in I froze the time til i.broke loose from the traffic jam.

Sometimes it's the right thing to do.
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