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Talking to my accountant and we came up with a conclusion -

I've decided to lease a small villa in Bali and relocate my family there. From Bali I'll fly in/ fly out to drive Uber in Australia...
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I'll also mine Bitcoin from my Bali Villa.

And in my car using an AUX cable and mobile wifi.
Why not Uber in Bali? You probably wouldn't have to pay GST or tax, and you could get a zazda or a yotoya since Bali is well known for their knock off brands, for something like $500, make your own Uber sticker for 5c, and get a cheap phone for $20 from a stall. Heck, you could even buy a gersace suit for $10 to wear to work. You'd be away laughing!!
I'm in my Bintang singlet, eyes on app!
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