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Full email sent to rider accounts

The Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission continues to take steps that would limit your access to safe and reliable transportation options like Uber.
The PTC has submitted a proposal to the Hillsborough delegation that will eliminate ridesharing as we know it.
We need your help to urge the Hillsborough delegation to reject the PTC's proposal and pass modern ridesharing regulation.
Let them know what Uber means to you and the greater Hillsborough County community.


More than 20 states and dozens of cities across the country, including Tallahassee and Gainesville, have adopted sensible, modern regulations.
The PTC's proposed legislation is not aligned with these modern regulations that have been passed across the country. Their proposal will hurt riders like you in need of safe and reliable transportation.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Uber in Tampa Bay.

Uber on,
Team Uber Tampa Bay
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