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Uber Edmonton App/Algorithim Bad?

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Is it just me or is the Uber Edmonton algorithm completely messed up? Map areas I am curently in go yellow, then orange, even surge sometimes and I receive no requests for Uber pickups. This hasn't been just a couple times, but actually seems to be the norm.

Are they simply putting too many drivers on the roads to ensure that there are enough of us out there? I don't think a "surge" is actually a "surge"...
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I don't think it's unique to Edmonton. Uber uses the partner app colors /surges to herd us like mice chasing a piece of cheese.
I just don't think there is anyway to make more than $15/hr with Uber. Kind of a waste of time with gas and potential to get tickets or issues with cops, accidents...
Hawk, the color system/surge rates are how Uber disperses its drivers to certain areas. Pay no attention to it and go to the areas you want to.
Ya... Finding it's best to just ignore the coloring on maps... unless perhaps its a Friday night and the surge is over 1.7X then it might be sustained...
If you feel like you must chase a color don't drive INTO it but stay near the outside boundary. Often 1 or 2 cars entering the section will prevent a surge. Ignore the light yellow but the darker orange is the one before a possible surge.

Another approach if you feel you must pursue colors is to turn off your app, drive into the potential area. Watch the pax app for updates and only turn on your app once it's 1.5 or more surge which often never happens.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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