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"After talking with Uber officials in Dallas for two hours about new policies many SUV drivers vehemently oppose, one of hundreds of protesters emerged from the company's downtown Dallas office and said the technology firm's representatives will think about their concerns."

POST # 1/KevinH: Bostonian Bison
Thanks You for this
Hyperlink to the Dallas Morning News
article of Importance to UPNF's DFW
Driver Population.

More Importantly, You've Tipped Your
Hat to.the Original "NewsMeister", Our
Own # 1 Notable chi1cabby.
Well-done, Kevin!

BTW: Who's the "Avatar Cutie" ?
Bison asks the Tough Questions
about "Soft Targets"! Chortle.

Kudos on the 103%+ A.R.
Post more often, please ?
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