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As of late this forum has been flooded with people accusing certain groups of destroying other groups livelyhoods...?

I mean are uber drivers dropping dead because they can't afford food?

walking around naked because can't afford clothing?

Living in a tent because they can't afford rent or mortgage?

I mean driving isn't exactly a technical field, it has a low entry barrier... it was bound to be in the dumps at some point...

Tldr: stop blaming groups of people and just make the most of a crap situation because at the end of the day... blaming groups isn't going to make your life any richer if anything the hate will consume you...

Anyway, let's be civil, share your thoughts and opinions, keep it respectful.
I blame the Paki's and the Bengalis. On another note, There was a muslim holiday a few months ago. I have never had so many calls in my life. I think our business is 90% paki and bengali
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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