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Full story: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Car-Hits-Building-Chelsea-Uber-Driver-NYPD-489597491.html
  • Four people were hurt when an SUV jumped a curb in NYC, crashed into two pedestrians and screamed into a cellphone store and a restaurant

An SUV jumped a curb in Chelsea and slammed into two people before crashing into a cellphone store and a busy restaurant, police say.

At least four people were hurt in the crash that happened at West 17th Street and Sixth Avenue around 3:30 Monday afternoon, according to officials.

"Blood and gasoline was spilt all over the street," witness Ana Alarcan said. "A lot of panic. It was like a bomb."

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I've been contimplating this...

Had this been a yellow cab...

It *MIGHT* have made local news.. maybe a snippet.

National news?

Nope Nopity Nope..

Cab companies have been able to isolate themselves by having a tolerable level of scandal every year and each company can survive because they aren't hindered by every other cab companies shenanigans.

Uber however?

1 million plus drivers all over the world doing the PR damage of 1000+ cab companies. Every small story is a scandal for uber.
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