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Yesterday I had three different pax cancel the rides on me within a 10-minute period. Uber then told me I was not accepting rides and to log on again in 10 minutes. All 3 pax cancelled less than 30 seconds after I accepted the ride. I was within 5 minutes of each pax's location.

I messaged uber about this. I accepted all 3 rides. 1st reply - standard form letter to go to high demand areas to receive pings.

2nd reply - told me because I was close to pax's location, with 3 cancellations within 10 minutes, I received a 10 minute timeout for too many cancellations.

I have sent a 3rd message - why am I punished when it was the pax who cancelled the rides? I accepted all 3 pings. Uber has yet to reply to this message.
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