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Uber Driver fired & arrested for not taking service animal.

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Florida Uber driver arrested after refusing ride to blind man, service dog.

Associated Press

An Uber driver in Florida was arrested after deputies say he refused to transport a group of blind people and their service dogs.

According to news outlets, citing an arrest report, 60-year-old Simon Pierre Andre Nau was picking up Robert Stigile, who's blind, and other blind people in Stigile's group Monday night in Orlando.

Stigile says that when Nau showed up, he said, "I don't take dogs." Stigile explained the dogs were service animals and Nau allegedly replied "I don't care."

Stigile says he was standing in the open door frame and felt the car move forward, striking him.

Orange County Sheriff's deputies arrested Nau on charges of failure to transport a blind person with a service dog and battery.

Deputies say Nau laughed about the incident as if he "didn't fully understand that he had broken the law." It's unclear if Nau has an attorney.

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And what if a person has allergies to animal hair and can verify from doctor? Should the blind persons disability supercede a person with allergies. After all it is his car. That could also be considered a disability, (maybe a stretch). But people do die from having contact with allergens.
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