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An Uber driver is facing charges after a woman said he sexually assaulted her before he dropped her off.

The driver denies the charges, and said she was the aggressor.

But detectives said in a report that the Uber driver took advantage of her because she was intoxicated. Aziz Khalilov told police he was driving downtown asking people if they needed a ride home.

He said an intoxicated woman got into his car Wednesday, then took his hand and put it up her dress. Khaliklov said when he tried to take things further, she got upset.

But detectives said they do not believe that's how it happened.

Authorities said the woman called for an Uber ride after a night downtown, and one of the drivers was Khalilov.

Deputies said the woman reported that Kahlilov told her to get in the front seat while they were on SR-408.

She told deputies the Uber driver put her hand up her dress and in her panties and that she was too intoxicated to fight him off.

The woman also said that when Kahlilov tried to kiss her, she pushed him away and asked to get out of the car.

In an official report, the woman said she called her boyfriend but only could tell him she was assaulted and was at an intersection before the phone died.

Officials said Kahlilov pulled off the exit to drop her off at the Regions Bank on Goldenrod Road.

Ninety minutes later, her boyfriend found her down the street at a Speedway gas station.

Channel 9 tried to contact Khalilov but neighbors said he moved and he had not gone to work Tuesday.

Deputies said that when they called Khalilov, he offered to help in any way he could. But minutes later, he asked for a lawyer, and asked the detectives not to tell his wife

Detectives also said Khalilov asked them to tell the woman, "I'm sorry if I did something wrong."

Uber has not returned Channel 9's request for a statement.

However, the arrest report said that Uber helped detectives by telling them which driver responded to the woman's call.

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I don't buy his story...
A... a drunk woman came onto a driver and got pissed when he took it too far, eventually accusing him of rape.
B. A drunk woman got felt up by a creepy uber driver and accused him of rape.
C. none of the above.

"Dont tell my wife"
Tell her "I'm sorry"
I want a lawyer.

All say "Guilty"

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I pick up drunk al the time specially woman, this guys is lying, yeah she probably made a move and he was to ruff back ather and she said no, I have an extra cell phone I put that on recording from the beginning to the end in these occasion , I work in a law office as part time you have no idea of the stories and cases I come across
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