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Uber driver and cyclist fight in Paris (Video)

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"This is how our night went when our #uberdriver got into a fight with a biker. The biker initially hits his mirror, then the driver proceeded to run over the biker. After the footage stopped, the biker dented the hood of the drivers Peugeot as well as slammed his helmet into the back passenger window, almost causing a break. This is by far the craziest Uber experience yet."
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People with no fighting skills shouldn't try to fight. Swallow your pride, shut your mouth, and move on.
At the end it appeared that the cyclist had the upper hand with the driver pinned over backwards on the hood of his car. The cyclist could of easily delivered some forearm blows. The pax were great "he gets 5 stars for sure".
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The driver underestimated the cyclist, probably because he was bigger. Other than trying to hug the cyclist, I don't know what he was trying to do.
Driver had no cardio. He was a fat turd. Most altercations end that way because 30 seconds of "excitement" will gas most non athletic people.
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