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As I said on the first thread that posted this, (https://uberpeople.net/threads/this-new-new-uber-driver-rapist-story-sounds-fishy.33898/#post-442345) there is more to this.

1. The guy drove the 2 ladies around for awhile. Where? Bars?
2. He was invited in to the apartment and played card games with them. (Never mix business with pleasure!)
3. "Later that night" (according to the first article) he alledgedly raped one of them.

Was alcohol involved? Did one of the ladies leave? "Later that night" indicates to me the woman might have invited the driver to lie down with her. When she awakened and realized they had sex, did the woman then cry rape?

JM2cW . . . as a mature woman

PS What would have a dashcam done here?

<Edit . . . On the other hand, don't answer. :rolleyes: >

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Sorry, Ma'am, but I need to work: the wife needs a new pair of shoes and the baby needs some diapers.

Sorry, Ma'am, but I promised that I would take my wife to the movies, to-night.

Sorry, Ma'am, but I am gay and my BF, who is built like a fullback, would be highly displeased.

Sorry, Ma'am, but my GF, who is a professional kick-boxer, would be highly displeased.

Sorry, Ma'am but I have hepatitis C.

Sorry, Ma'am, but you see, I just lost my regular job. I'm doing this just to tide me over. I had to give up my apartment, but my GF has been really nice in letting me stay at her apartment until I can get back on my feet. I would hate to have her find out and....................

Tell them anything, but do not accept invitations such as this one. There is too much potential for it to go south. I have seen it happen too many times. When I was an Official of a cab company, I dealt with more than one driver who had used the brain-between-the-legs instead of the brain-between-the-ears. Never did it go well for the driver.

If you must hook up, exchange telephone numbers and let her call you--not the other way around. If she is interested, she will call. Be sure that you save her number on your call log. Further, wait a few days before agreeing to see her. What is best, though, is to STAY AWAY.
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