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Uber Delivery vs DoorDash

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Which one is better? pros and cons for each?

I live in Los Angeles
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One has a tip option in app. One does not and tells customers "tip not needed".

Make your own conclusion from there.
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I'm in the Phoenix area but I assume this would pretty much apply to LA.

DoorDash Pros: Decent money, better choice of restaurants, better geographic coverage, in-app tipping.
DoorDash Cons: Can be low-mileage so you might actually end up with taxable income instead of a write-off.

Uber Pros: Name recognition
Uber Cons: It's Uber. Limited choice of restaurants, limited geographic coverage, no tipping.
You hit it right on the head there. I've been slowly realizing that I will need to start making some estimated tax payments this year to avoid penalties next year, lol.

I would much rather have a tax liability, and be able to put fewer miles on my car.
Just keep driving uber for the rest of the year,that should bring you tax liability down.
Yeah... no. lol
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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