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Uber decal

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Hey everyone, did anyone receive the Uber decals from uber in Detroit?
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I got an email a month ago asking me to confirm my mail address, I thought it was for the decal but yeah I haven't received anything.
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I got mine too. What are you guys using to take it on and off the window. I know they say you just take it on and off, but I'm not so sure.
Yea I feel like that's a good idea. I hate that we have to have one at all
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Just stop talking, seriously you are making no sense ever. Did you eat paint chips as a kid?
Depending on the airport security discretion, you have 5 minutes to wait on your rider. Then after that they make you drive around the terminal and come back.
Typically you need the time it takes to get to the terminal now that we have to be off property, to try and show the pax how to get to gtc. One lady at the McNamara terminal reads me the riot act every time telling me I have 5 min to wait or else I have to circle around.. if I have to wait more than 5, I'll just cancel the ride and start again.
If you cancel after 5min do you get bumped to the back of the que
I haven't had an issue although I've only had to do it once.
1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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