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Uber decal

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Hey everyone, did anyone receive the Uber decals from uber in Detroit?
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No! Not yet. Not even an email about it. Nada, squat.
I'm guessing Uber won't do anything about the decals until numerous drivers turn up with tickets due to not having them displayed. Uber only seems to act when it costs them money. Otherwise they don't give a rats ass.
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I just emailed support saying unless they started distribution of these quick then Uber would be paying all the fines. They very quickly emailed me back with a link to order them for free.
I got mine too. What are you guys using to take it on and off the window. I know they say you just take it on and off, but I'm not so sure.
I won't be sticking mine to my vehicle. It will get wedged between the dash and window then immediately removed at every opportunity unless I'm arriving at a pick up or transporting passengers. Then it's hidden again
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Could you share the link? I guess I can email about it like you did...but ... we come to the forum to help each other and this seems like a great example of how one could help others...yes?

(and I wonder why they would inform us that we need the decals and then leave us on our own to figure out how to find them...)
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