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If I recall you had to correct my spelling of avatar a few months back.

I think it's pretty obvious whoever is behind the kit project had way too much Uber punch
POST # 8/UberXking: Apologies for
any Hard Feelings.

My ATTITUDE towards Emperor A$$hat
is Widely Dispersed AND Uniformly Neg-

JEEPERS! I have held YOU up as
EXEMPLAR OF "Road Warrior" with the
400+ Mile R/Ts from Chico to S.F. CA. .....
work 3 - 4 shifts, and Return to Chico.

I'm NOT SURE of what it is that I can
offer, except Heartfelt Praise for
Your Endurance and Prayers for Your
Continuing Success.

Mentoring Bison: Enduring.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts