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I settled a complaint against Uber eat involving the condition of the workplace wjere the food was being handled. and a scheduling problem breach of contract.

I settled for $2,500 but I was able to sell them clause that says I will not be part of a class action suit against Uber for $500.

The total agreement was $3,000 which I will receive in about two weeks 10 days I was told.

The main issue the increased risk for contamination to the food being sold from a parking garage and what I would describe aptly is a Viaduct. This was fixed by Uber by opening a distribution point or Center I did not care to learn anything about it other than that the food is no longer being sold from those two locations.

I'm hoping it has a sink so the girls can wash their hands a bathroom for Relief and of course the proper equipment to maintain a safe and sanitary workplace where the food is handled properly and any risk for contamination has been reduced.

It wasn't the $25,000 I asked for. The only reason the amount was 25000 was because I didn't want to go up two flights of stairs to a different Court Clerk or cashier your choice.

As you can see I'm not willing to abide by any type of non-disclosure agreement. I will not give up my freedom of speech it's beyond my conscious control the body needs to express itself.

The main issue I had which is not in the agreement was over passing a flame to the city of Chicago for the conditions of the workplace.

The reason I had an issue is because I did not sign a contract with the city of Chicago and the City of Chicago did not owe me a safe workplace. I signed a contract with Uber and whoever is responsible for the conditions of the workplace.

The landlord of a skyscraper with a coffee shop in the lobby is not responsible for the cleanliness of the coffee shop they are responsible to replace doors missing floor tiles broken windows and anything else in the agreement between the landlord and the Tenant.

I had been coming up with these words the last few days because the next court date was a few days away. And I did not know if Boomers lawyer would show up before court to settle this per my terms and their. So I Was preparing to keep fighting.

It's unfortunate the mayor would use his power to help distribute food and an increased risk for contamination just to help his brother make more money.

It's really a complex situation I have no idea if the government is going to Rick the mayor over the coals he should be impeached.

It was a win for me it didn't replace my car I didn't get the magical number I was looking for. But I got just got the food taken care of and did my job to prevent a pandemic seriously.

Good luck my Uber account will be shut down due to inactivity. I will look in here from time to time maybe more for the next 10 days but after that I got plans that do not include Uber Uber people who breaks Uber drivers Uber Riders Uber ordinances Uber class action uber News.

I sure hope they start caring about the health of the people I mean the drivers sooner rather than later not just the physical health but the Financial Health of their drivers it won't work without them

Good luck and stay strong
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