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Uber Comfort in Austin

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Uber Comfort is a new Ride Option available here in Austin. There appears to be no announcement pushed out to drivers.

Uber describes it as costing Passengers 20% more than X

Uber acknowledged there was no different in fee paid to the driver.

No where can I find if there is some increase in time/mileage rates paid to a driver.

On the surface it seems purely a money grab by Uber for SELECT drivers/cars. As a matter of fact when booking a ride I did not even see SELECT presented as an offer.

Has anyone accepted one of these rides and can share if there was any additional pay above X rates?
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2014 or better. Mostly midsize/compact SUVs. Long etas. Pays 20% more than X. Takes away from both XL & Select class.

Possibly in response to Lyft discontinuing sub-compacts, if future Lyfts are roomier, makes business sense for Uber to offer low-cost roomier vehicles as well.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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