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Uber Comfort in Austin

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Uber Comfort is a new Ride Option available here in Austin. There appears to be no announcement pushed out to drivers.

Uber describes it as costing Passengers 20% more than X

Uber acknowledged there was no different in fee paid to the driver.

No where can I find if there is some increase in time/mileage rates paid to a driver.

On the surface it seems purely a money grab by Uber for SELECT drivers/cars. As a matter of fact when booking a ride I did not even see SELECT presented as an offer.

Has anyone accepted one of these rides and can share if there was any additional pay above X rates?
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I can get proof. It pays more.
For us old timers who locked in at 75/25 uber comfort pays 87 cents a mile and 25 cents a minute, so for everyone else it would be 82 cents a mile and 25 cents a minute. My buddy drives a 2017 sorrento and has done a "comfort" ride. They sent him a message about it being a beta program.
If you're using a new car anyways i guess its good. Ill get screenshots from him, but it specifically states "newer cars" and "more legroom" so I interpret it as a 4 passenger XL.
Since everything Uber does is sinister, yes, they charge 20 percent more and driver gets 20 percent more in time, but NOT distance. Also, since it happened on the same day as uberpro, I also think its an attempt to get people who do XL/select to turn on that "x" option in hopes of getting a comfort ride. Then, of course, turning down X rides would hurt your pro status. But, if you do x anyways, and have a newer suv anyways, i call this a win.


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Also, its pretty bold to state that the extra earnings are subject to change.....and with uberpro this is how they changed: step one, remove the extra 3-6% earnings entirely. Step 2, bring uberpro to austin!

So, while it would be pretty brazen, its the most in in-your-face dick move ive seen. "Welcome to uber comfort, where we are gonna pay you a little extra for having a newer car, BUT, eventually we are just gonna charge the pax extra for YOUR newer car and NOT pay you any extra!"

Besides, why else would they have those last lines in the message they sent out? Is the change REALLY gonna be to pay drivers MORE?
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