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Uber Comfort in Austin

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Uber Comfort is a new Ride Option available here in Austin. There appears to be no announcement pushed out to drivers.

Uber describes it as costing Passengers 20% more than X

Uber acknowledged there was no different in fee paid to the driver.

No where can I find if there is some increase in time/mileage rates paid to a driver.

On the surface it seems purely a money grab by Uber for SELECT drivers/cars. As a matter of fact when booking a ride I did not even see SELECT presented as an offer.

Has anyone accepted one of these rides and can share if there was any additional pay above X rates?
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Drivers should not blindly get behind anything UBER does after their public acknowledgement of continuing to look for ways to increase what they get from Passengers while lowering Driver Payouts. This is a direct play for that small segment of the market that chose SELECT
This is also a ploy to get the 1-2 person XL trips to choose Comfort instead of XL ... although I had a 1 person XL the other night who said he first tried to get Comfort but they paired him with a Toyota Camry (which he didn't see as having extra legroom) so he ordered XL ... however, since I took him from the airport to the Four Season, in theory, he should have ordered Select or Lux
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