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I just go by what people tell me. Some mention the PR problems, the flaps, etc, though very few, maybe once a year, actually, but most don't pay attention and are happy that UBer exists for them to provide them with cheap transport.

That has been my experience, the rank and file rider.
Anecdotal is anecdotal facts is facts

I'd rave about subway too if they sold me $5 footlongs for $2 lmao same as any idiot that sold me $5 bills for $2 duh poor people not stupid just poor

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Ubers reputation is the same as Hitler's to everyone that doesn't get a paycheck for them or owns stock lmao they're universally hated by pretty much everyone but of course the losers who can't afford a car and need the subsidized service

Such a good reputation they're being banned, regulated, sued pretty much everywhere

The "company" is already destroyed 96% fail it by design you think that crowd sees Uber with a favorable reputation lmao

I guarantee the 4% of drivers who make it past a year & the 1% that have made it 5+ such as myself already "cherry pick" & ignore or cancel 90+% of rides that's why they've succeeded, so everyone is already doing it because they can do simple math

It's not "gaming the system" it's excersizing our rights not to work for free or illegal wages

Nope still not a theif earn every penny on every legal contract I accept & let the dumb & or desperate lose money on the ones I have a right to reject

Stealing $1 is a petty crime stealing a million is usually a felony but at that level they just pay a fine and still profit from their theft lol see Wells Fargo or any bank they've all paid billions in fines and I patronize them have no choice...

Just like I shop at Walmart Sam's club Amazon all technically criminals as they've paid huge fines for breaking the law & outsource slave labor overseas, exploit labor here etc, I use an Android others use apple their criminals too, once owned a Ford yup the pinto fiasco makes them criminals has nothing to do with wisdom, I'm forced to do business with criminals it's amerikkka where else am I going to shop or do business with? Lol

I don't hate Uber I hate human trafficking, I hate elder abuse, I hate exploiting immigrant labor & stupid people, I hate illegal wages, I hate blank contracts that attempt to coerce & defraud me into working for free & insult me like I can't figure out $4-$4=0 or $8-$4= $4 neither amounts any intelligent adult would willingly accept to deliver 1-500 pounds 1-10 miles in minutes unless they were desperate or stupid

I make $50+ an hour 1-3+ times per day from bed when I'd normally be waking 5 baking enjoying squawk box, get up first take, where's the wisdom of quitting a 40+K a year gig on 20ish hours per week? Lol I'm not stupid imma ride the Ponzi till it's bailed out bought out for too big to fail or crumbles, imma use it like it tries to use me.

I haven't had a full time job since the 90s why would I want to find one? Lol the money supposed to do the work I signed up for this one to learn a new place I relocated figured might as well get paid & knew it was a Ponzi scam in 2015 and figured out how to win at it

I'm extremely healthy physically & mentally I'm sorry facts & truth hurt

Go get out there and earn it's your choice apparently but I don't work for free or illegal wages periodt

It isn't a "job" it's an organized crime racket that gets cash flow from human trafficking & fraud 2+ million times per day out of 4+ million trips that launders it thru real estate & stock options, it's allowed to operate above the law by bribing I mean donating/lobbying so the FBI & labor department look the other way

As far as honesty lmao 100% of what Uber does is pretty much a lie at this point I'm not going to show a "company" that spends all day trying to trick me & blatantly lies to me by now 20,0000+ times any respect

I'm not their "partner" that's a lie

I'm not treated like an "independent contractor" that's a lie

I'm not in a "busy area" I'm at home and it's been 2+ hours since I got a ping that's a lie

I won't "earn more by staying busy" with less per mile minute rates, that's a lie 4 times

"Tips are included" no they weren't that was a lie

"Make 90K" less than 1% earned that said the new York times forced to change it yup anotha lie

"Destination discrimination leads to fewer requests" that's a lie no one's discriminating rides on destination it's the pay

Ghost cars on map is a lie

Pretty much everything "support" copy & pastes is a lie lol, on the phone....

"No supervisor available" is a lie

I know my area that "7min away" ping is really 11 that's a lie

"Safety" fee was a lie forced to change to booking fee

We take "20%" of the fare was a lie

"We care about your safety" is a lie

"Your account will be back online within a business day" was a lie every day for 20 days once

"Funds will be deposited into your account within 2 business days" was a lie everyday for 6 days

We can lie but When a "company" lies it's considered fraud yet they do it to me multiple times per day

I could prob come up with 100+ more documented lies

They know exactly what they're doing any normal job in the real world that you ignored 90+% of jobs sent would within a day or week send someone from HR, supervisor, anyone and ask you "hey we're sending you all these jobs what the issue?" LMAO in 5+ years not 1 Uber employee has reached out way past 30,000 ignored & thousands of cancels by now but not 1 not even an email like hey what's the issue how can we fix this?

Lol dey know dey know

Keep trying to convince me I can't do math though like Uber tried to get me to believe a pay cut was a raise 4 years in a row lol

Another "new" member with no clue. Ignore.

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Anecdotal is anecdotal facts is facts

I'd rave about subway too if they sold me $5 footlongs for $2 lmao same as any idiot that sold me $5 bills for $2 duh poor people not stupid just poor
Well, after about 6 years and over 11K rides of people constantly raving to me about Uber, one does form an opinion about how the average person percieves Uber, who I doubt pays much attention to the news.

Pardon me for being 'anecdotal.'
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