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  • This is a direct lift from the Daily Mail, so don't believe much of it.
  • Especially dont believe Australian references as these are just rewrites from overseas copy,with no special local input.
  • There are other news articles online which will be more accurate.
  • But here it goes, ( and visit the Daily Mail if you want more)
    • Uber has rolled out a number of changes to its service in the United States
    • Spokesman said most of the changes are set to be introduced globally by 2018
    • They include cutting the free cancellation window from five to two minutes
    • Customers will be charged a fee for keeping drivers waiting by the minute
Australian customers will be fined for wasting drivers' time and can tip them via the app for the first time in changes set to be rolled out by the end of the year.

The scandal-hit company, which allows users to hail cars using an app on their smartphones, is aiming to overhaul its image after earning a reputation for treating its drivers badly.

Now, it is implementing a series of changes that will boost the income of workers - by hitting customers' wallets.

Uber users will also have less of a window in which to cancel a booking, which will go down five minutes to two. Cancellations after two minutes will incur a fine of $10.

Furthermore, they'll also be charged by the minute if they keep drivers waiting for more than two minutes after arriving.

The fee will be the same as the per-minute rate for the city you're in - so for UberX customers in Sydney, it will be $0.40/minute.

Customers will now also be able to tip their drivers directly through the Uber app for the first time - a policy Uber refused to introduce two years ago despite pressure from its workers.

'These new features and changes are starting in the US but our focus is absolutely global', an Uber spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.

(Ed: no, the local journo just rewrote the global press release probably.)

'We aim to make most of these features available internationally by the end of the year.'

It comes after Uber's chief executive Travis Kalanick resigned on Tuesday following pressure from investors.

Kalanick, co-founder of one of the most influential technology companies of its generation, has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks following an investigation into the culture and workplace practices at the ride-hailing service.
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