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Anyone see the awkward interview with Uber CEO Travis K on Stephen Colbert's new Late Night show last night? First, Colbert is SO awesome I almost just can't stand it. But Travis came off as a smug punk who refuses to allow any outside opinions or information to seep into his genius brain. To me he epitomizes the "God complex" that a lot of these start up CEOs have. They think they can do no wrong and that they are these godlike figures bestowing their wisdom and perfection on us, the poor, ignorant masses. You can often see it in their demeanor and with Travis it becomes more clear why Uber is the way they are. They are an extension of this guys ego and immaturity when they could be SO much more than that. It's sad really.

Also, the heckler thing!!?? Classic.

Look at all my Uber shilling guys!!!! Pathetic.

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