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Media statement by Uber Australia on 6 January 2020:


Today, Uber Australia has pledged $500,000 to support people affected by the bushfires in Australia and the volunteer firefighters responding to the blazes.

We've earmarked $300,000 for the Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund to support people at evacuation centres and recovery hubs while also providing financial resources to be better prepared ahead of future disasters.

We're also directing $200,000 in financial aid to the rural fire services to support their efforts on the front line.

Finally, we want to acknowledge and say thank you to the volunteer firefighters. That's why we are also donating Uber and Uber Eats vouchers to those on the front line.

This fire season has been a tragedy for millions of Australians. We hope that the contribution by Uber Australia will assist those directly impacted and show our gratitude to our fire fighting heroes.


(Re Ola, see https://uberpeople.net/threads/ola-bushfire-donation.372224/.)
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