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Did everyone get no boost Friday 6-8pm. I got a 5-6pm and a token 8-10pm. Every weekday usually has 6-7pm as the highest boost next to 9-10am. Was I slighted or is this normal?
It's normal for uber to slight drivers.

Boost zones continue to shrink. Earning periods for boost continue to shrink.

It's all part of the long-term goal of having a loyal following of ants working for base fares and picking up pool.

If your objective is to drive solely for the bonus, then you have nothing to worry about.

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Well because they keep losing money they cut incentives this year.They just trying to win time before some of their new technology will come out that will make them money without all this hustle having millions of drivers.

Ubet is technology company not service company. Its just a matter of time when technology will substitute us
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