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This just started today, but I keep getting logged off by the app at random and it gets to where I am even asked to select a vehicle, I lost two rides already today so I'm losing money because of it.

Anyone else experiencing this problem and is there anyone we can actually contact or are we just screwed until they fix it in an update?

Or better yet, should I start looking to work for more than just Uber at this point?
I got logged off during a ride last night and could not restart ride. Customer also had issues. He was honest and paid me cash which I do not encourage because of secret shoppers and threat of him contacting uber with issues. International liaison of students abroad and I ended up with the craziest string of events over next 2 hours. Two other students were throwing cash at me to drive them around San Diego. I don't like the liability and dealing with non documented riders but ended up making $80 in 2 hours clear. But burned a lot of miles and 1 toll charge. No surge last night, so made up for a slow shift. Got another $23 tips from 2 other customers. Ended up 12 hours online at $300 gross, over $200 net profit after $42 gas for 300 miles driven. Craziest night, too many backwards miles, not doing that shit tonight. cancelled the drunk idiots at the 2am hour, finally got decent ride to pay for my commute gas for the day. Drive safe!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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