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Today i went to a pick up. Dude was toes on the kerb. Yay! He asked if I was Jacob. Nope, sorry, not me. He is from Columbia, very broken English.

I asked to see his app. He was waiting for Jacob in a Kia. He asked me who I was waiting for. Normally I would not reveal that, but I saw he has a driver, so I said I was waiting for Juan.

He says "I am Juan!" And he thinks I am his driver. No, your driver is Jacob in a different car.

He shows me his phone, and it shows a text from Uber showing that WE were originally matched, and shows the cancel and rematch. Shows my license plate, etc. WTF?

I ask him where he is going. He tells me. I take a chance and "start" the ride. The dest is the same. (So I took him)


Later in the day I ask a pax about any strange rides. She tells me that just yesterday a driver picked them up, had her name and pickup spot and proper dest, but was a completely diff driver and car. Normally I would tell her to report it and don't ever be an idiot again. But apparently Uber is having problems! Maybe they are trying to copy Lyft's rematch program....


Anyone else experiencing this or similar?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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