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Nothing new but at least the media is bringing it to light

A 2018 study conducted by the JP Morgan found rideshare drivers made 53% less in 2017 compared with 2013, though Uber dismissed the findings due to an increase in part-time drivers. But drivers for Uber and Lyft are noticing recent significant wage cuts.

"It's not fair they are charging the passenger more, and we're not getting it. That's a crock. We're the backbone of this company," said John Booth, a full-time Uber driver in Cleveland, Ohio for four years. "For four years it was steady, now all of a sudden there's a fluctuation."
"I always check the rider app anytime before taking rides. During morning rush they're charging passenger $145 to go to the airport. I only get $33. Lyft started doing this four weeks before IPO," said one Lyft XL (larger vehicles) driver in San Francisco, California, who requested to remain anonymous because they are currently applying for a new job. The driver said they have to work 100 hours a week just to make the same amount of money they did last year. "It's amazing they have been able to get away with everything they are doing. Now they are charging passengers surge and keeping it all."

Sinakhone Keodara, 44, has been driving for Lyft in Los Angeles since September 2018. "I have noticed the pay continuously goes down. It's getting harder and harder for me to make $100 a day," Keodara said. He is currently homeless, living out of the car he leases through Lyft. "Unless I go on an airport ride, I don't make any money. Essentially, I'm paying to give their riders a ride."

Both companies have increased what they charge for time and decreased what the charge for distance - a move that should benefit drivers stuck in traffic but penalises those who drive greater distances in lighter traffic.

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