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Uber and Lyft both running crummy promos

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Uber and Lyft are both running crummy promos this week, targeting drivers who are mathematically challenged and don't realize how poor the value is for their offers.

From Uber:

"[UBER] Complete 50 airport trips starting today and earn a $175 reward. For more info: "

Uber, are you serious?

Even if I complete two airport runs per an hour to MGM and wiz back after each trip, that's $175 divided by 50, or only $3.50 extra per trip.

That's $7/hour on top of the $3.75 normal fare, or $7.50/hour if I manage two airport runs per hour, for a maximum grand total of $14.50/hour. And then only if I can repeat that performance 25 times! If any attempts fail and it takes longer than 30 minutes roundtrip, this "promo" results in less than minimum wage. :eek:

No thanks, Uber.

As for Lyft:

"CES is here! Don't miss out: Give at least 50 Lyft rides by 11:59 PM Jan. 9, and you could win one of 5 $100 Visa gift cards. See terms: "

Lyft, are you serious?

For the many thousands of drivers in Vegas, you are offering a whopping prize pool of $500, split up five ways?

Suppose I bias my driving and turn down more rides from Uber than I usually do, to increase my number of entries in the Lyft contest and improve my odds of "winning" one of these amazing $100 Visa cards.

If my odds are one-in-5000 of winning, but I lose out on $100 from Uber rides, wouldn't I have had better odds by not changing my driving plan, taking all the rides that Uber sends me, and then betting that $100 on Deuces Wild and hoping to hit four deuces to walk away with $250? ;)

Both of these promos are money losers, so thanks, but no thanks Uber and Lyft. :(
Crummy companies in a " Race to the Bottom". Expect it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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