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Uber and Lyft both running crummy promos

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Losers going for this promotion will be foaming at the mouth for pool rides from the airport lol
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I never fall to their promos. They knew it's a big win for them and impossible for us.
I'd stayed away from the airport for my first few months doing this. Partially because it was so confusing, and partially because I didn't want a bunch of rides to MGM.

I dipped my toe in the water lately, and I've been surprised how many longer rides I've gotten. Airport to DT is nice. Got a $33 uber ride to the burbs.

My guess is that they are trying to keep the airport surges to a minimum. If they get a bunch of drivers glued to the airport, the tech people who make $2 million a year won't be burdined with an extra $5 for their trip to the hotel.
To do the 50 airport rides you basically can't do anything else to have a chance. Not worth it
Saw it this afternoon said complete 45 trips get an extra 90 bucks
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It's like Uber is talking to a kid: I'll give you one sucker if you give me three. Uh, OK, Uber. No thanks. U/L do not Calc the high risk we face everyday in traffic nor appreciate it.
It's like Uber is talking to a kid: I'll give you one sucker if you give me three. Uh, OK, Uber. No thanks. U/L do not Calc the high risk we face everyday in traffic nor appreciate it.
You almost got it right, except Uber is talking to the suckers.
Looks like Uber saw that sad $100 Visa card promo from Lyft and decided to one up them.

From Uber:

"Three lucky partners will also walk away with cash prizes ($3,000, $1,500, $1,000). Each trip you complete around Las Vegas counts as one entry into the contest. More trips completed means more chances to win! "
Is this supposed to be a professional, money-earning activity or are they trying to make rideshare into some kind of casino/lottery game? Unbelievable...
Such crap promos not even worth the time reading them
There were 95 cars in the queue at some point around noon today because of this promotion. Earlier I went there because there was only one car in the queue, but the surge was only 2.5. I noticed the app says this staging area will be used until April 20.
Uber and Lyft are both running crummy promos this week, targeting drivers who are mathematically challenged and don't realize how poor the value is for their offers.

From Uber:

"[UBER] Complete 50 airport trips starting today and earn a $175 reward. For more info: "

Uber, are you serious?

Even if I complete two airport runs per an hour to MGM and wiz back after each trip, that's $175 divided by 50, or only $3.50 extra per trip.

That's $7/hour on top of the $3.75 normal fare, or $7.50/hour if I manage two airport runs per hour, for a maximum grand total of $14.50/hour. And then only if I can repeat that performance 25 times! If any attempts fail and it takes longer than 30 minutes roundtrip, this "promo" results in less than minimum wage. :eek:

No thanks, Uber.

As for Lyft:

"CES is here! Don't miss out: Give at least 50 Lyft rides by 11:59 PM Jan. 9, and you could win one of 5 $100 Visa gift cards. See terms: "

Lyft, are you serious?

For the many thousands of drivers in Vegas, you are offering a whopping prize pool of $500, split up five ways?

Suppose I bias my driving and turn down more rides from Uber than I usually do, to increase my number of entries in the Lyft contest and improve my odds of "winning" one of these amazing $100 Visa cards.

If my odds are one-in-5000 of winning, but I lose out on $100 from Uber rides, wouldn't I have had better odds by not changing my driving plan, taking all the rides that Uber sends me, and then betting that $100 on Deuces Wild and hoping to hit four deuces to walk away with $250? ;)

Both of these promos are money losers, so thanks, but no thanks Uber and Lyft. :(
Crummy companies in a " Race to the Bottom". Expect it.
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