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Will this be a positive experience for gig workers?

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  • No

  • We’re F****d

  • Uber/Lyft is F****d

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Interesting that out of 10 votes cast at this point, no one think that the prospect of government regulation will be bad for Uber/Lyft. Odd, since the consensus among the companies and shareholders is that government regulation could force them out of business.

Makes me think that the responders here are either just knee-jerk voting, or they really don't know what the business model for profit is within the rideshare companies..
The question as posed was will it be good for gig workers so I never considered the Uber/Lyft being screwed answer.

My thoughts about the impact on U/L is that it certainly won't make things better for them. They have what they want now, even if they mismanage it somewhat. If restrictions are placed on them it will cost them more to comply with said restrictions. Whether it would put them out of business or not, I doubt it. They have created some dystopian rhetoric to scare people about what would happen if we were employees and while it's clear that costs would go up for them, it's not clear how dramatically they would have to change work rules (despite what they claim) and there is a way to recoup the increased costs , it's called charging the customer the true cost of the product. The may get less rides but they'll reach an appropriate equilibrium and hopefully scale back on the number of drivers on the street at a given time.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts