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Will this be a positive experience for gig workers?

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Whatever gets proposed will be worse for drivers, because these people come at the issue from a W2 worker/union perspective. Instead of just fixing the basic issues drivers have (no set per mile/per minute rates anymore, no deactivation appeals process, etc), they will try to shoehorn drivers into the employee model.
Agreed. Plus, rideshare drivers and other gig workers aren't a big enough demographic, nor is there enough money behind us to make any big difference. That and neither Dems or Reps are going to be our saving grace. I don't believe in many conspiracy theories, but it's not hard to believe the theory that both parties are actually collaborating behind closed doors but then publicly displaying criticisms toward each other and having different ideas just to give the appearance that they both care about their constituents.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts