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Today, we are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Concur Technologies, the world's leading travel and expense management company, to revolutionize the way that companies move their employees around the world.

Our partnership with Concur began in 2014 with a goal of improving their client's employee expensing experiences. This next phase of our partnership is even bigger, and is fully focused on improving the company experience, particularly for companies with significant ground transportation spend.

With this partnership, we are deeply integrating our technology with Concur to enable companies to directly create an Uber for Business account for all employees with just a few clicks. This integration will make Uber for Business account setup and management seamless and automatic for Concur customers, and help large companies embrace ridesharing by incorporating Uber for Business into their existing travel management policies. Companies will save money, and gain unprecedented visibility into their employee's Uber usage.

"Concur's average enterprise customer expenses almost $1 million in ground transportation annually and about 7% of that is with Uber today. By shifting more spend to Uber these companies stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars" said Elena Donio, president of Concur. "We've seen almost 230% growth in Uber transactions in the past year and with this integration we expect to see that growth accelerate as we help companies leverage the benefits of Uber as part of their travel program."
It is challenging for multinational companies to navigate the modern business travel landscape, but Concur and Uber for Business are uniquely positioned to help them embrace these changes and benefit from the added visibility, control, and cost savings that today's technology provides.

Uber for Business is constantly evolving to improve the business travel experience for every type of company around the world - from small businesses to large enterprises. We are proud to partner with Concur to create a dramatically better experience for our customers and their employees.

The Concur product integration will launch in Q4 of 2016 through the Concur App Center. For more information, visit concur.com/appcenter/u4b.

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