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have you guys seen them?? Saw one on channel 5 today. They're competing with Larry h Parker. Sue your ex-employer then get a new job with uber.

Also uber advertising on waze. Sorry it got cut off. I was in the middle of a ride when it popped up

Photograph Product Screenshot Font World

Also the channel 5 news was hyping uber this morning. They must've paid off the news team too. The tech guy was stating how eats has its own new spot on the app. Saying how the food comes from all these great restaurants. Like watching an infomercial in the middle of the news.

They are dumping a crap load of money into channel 5. Channel 5 is the newest media *****. Pay us and we'll say whatever you want us to say.

Wonder if uber is going to have a rose parade float this year? We can all donate the tips we get with the uber app to Get it built. ;)
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