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Funny how their "mistakes" are always in their favor.

Full story... http://ow.ly/5ffV30bYLRg


Uber admitted on Tuesday that it underpaid its New York City-based drivers by millions of dollars over the past two and a half years, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The ride-hailing company said it had "mistakenly" over-calculated its cut of commission, taking roughly 25 percent from fares before taxes, when it was supposed to do so after local taxes and fees as stated in a driver's agreement in November 2014.

"We made a mistake and we are committed to making it right by paying every driver every penny they are owed, plus interest, as quickly as possible," Rachel Holt, Uber's regional general manager in the US and Canada, told WSJ. The accounting error is estimated to cost Uber up to $45 million in refunds.
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