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Uber got back to [Gizmodo] with some figures about Brazil and its cash payment option. These figures include such sobering statistics as, "Of the 50 most violent cities in the world, 21 are in Brazil." The company also added that over half of the rides in São Paolo's outer boroughs are paid in cash, and that the company "care deeply about the safety of drivers." There's also this letter which was sent to Uber drivers in Brazil yesterday:

Dear Driver,

Since we first launched Uber in Brazil, you have made transportation possible for millions of people-many who live in places that were previously hard to access.

Over the last few months, we've heard from drivers with concerns regarding crime, which remains a major challenge in Brazil and one that impacts all members of the community. That's why we've been working on additional safety measures dedicated to Brazil.

We wanted to update you on some progress on this front.

Today we launched a rider verification feature that requires new riders who choose cash payment to enter in their CPF (Brazilian national ID) before they can request a ride. This adds to the risk-prevention measures put in place late last year to detect and thwart suspicious cash riders before they take trips. We'll also continue piloting in some cities an opt-out option for drivers who don't wish to accept cash payments.

We care deeply about your experience with Uber. And even more about your safety. Thank you for speaking up. Please continue to send us your feedback.


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If you live or work in Brazil then Please vote in the Poll at https://uberpeople.net/threads/brasil-brazil.193053/
So a forum for one or more cities in Brazil can be created.

Brazil is the largest country in South America, second largest country in the Western hemisphere.

Even with a hefty competitor in Uber, its main rival, 99 sees no end in sight to the growth potential.

"I can't even predict how big the market in Brazil will be," said 99's head of legal, policy and communication Matheus Moraes in an interview at the company's Sao Paulo headquarters. "We try to forecast, but we just can't.
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