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You have dealt and they are not pleasant... Wow! Would you like to share your experience on Tik Tok maybe?
Certainly bunch. Of * I'd say. Without getting into details - the role of this shit-bunch is to intimidate you in the hope you surrender in first place. If you treat them accordingly they script changes. Try one day. Does not hurt. Never forget: they are neither friendly not neutral. They are your natural enemy and need to be treated as such.

And you, R&R, do not worry too much. As every shitty organisation Poober has a procedure. If they get an info about irregularity they act as in ABC-book. You are not the first nor the last one who experiences this. In one aspect Zonked is right. Join Union. And collect evidence of Poober's wrongdoing. Soon you'll have loads. Might be useful in quantity...
Happy New Year everybody
I echo this as i left uber a while ago and now my license is due for renewal but tfl have given me multiple complaints from uber and it seems that uber have scripted their own version of events to make you look like a potential murdering rapist boogeyman. My advice would be to never ever give uber any ammunition in these situations so just keep quite deny anything and everything, join the union and let them deal with it once you get the tfl complaint.

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Uber need to stop giving these people refunds, it encourages them to lie and make up stories.
I had same thing happen to me i got my account back but they said if it happens again i will lose it.
Same . I have dealt with that several times. Uber overcharges the passenger who in turn tries to cheat uber and lie. And in the end the driver loses. I took a 50 dollar ride once that was one hour away. Pick up was from a strip club. Stripper was quiet and mean looking. Soon as the ride ended i looked and saw my account was on hold. Turns out she had reported me for having a check engine light. Got it sorted out fast tho
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