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Uber Account Blocked. Pls help

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Today out of blue Uber blocked my account and I received a call from their safety team saying that a recent rider has informed that it was someone else other than me who completed the ride. They asked me if I have shared my login with someone else.
It is a 100% false claim and I don’t know why would someone make such a complaint? If they had doubts they could simply ask me for further clarification.

Uber has now asked me to send my latest photo for further investigation.
My question

Has anyone had similar experience?
Will my account be reinstated? How long does it take?
What other options can I explore if Uber decides not to activate my account.
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Fking lying passengers. These scumbags infuriate me.
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Uber need to stop giving these people refunds, it encourages them to lie and make up stories.
I had same thing happen to me i got my account back but they said if it happens again i will lose it.
Same . I have dealt with that several times. Uber overcharges the passenger who in turn tries to cheat uber and lie. And in the end the driver loses. I took a 50 dollar ride once that was one hour away. Pick up was from a strip club. Stripper was quiet and mean looking. Soon as the ride ended i looked and saw my account was on hold. Turns out she had reported me for having a check engine light. Got it sorted out fast tho
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