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Is Uber's new venture into bike sharing a good idea for drivers in the ride share industry?

  • Yes. Will reduce chronic traffic congestion in overpopulated cities like SF and NYC

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  • Yes. Potential security risks may convince Uber pax bikers to reject this new service

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  • No. Pax won't give a damn. They'll opt to remain in safety & security of motorized vehicles

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  • No. Bad for drivers all around. Uber deactivation rate about to spike from traffic safety incidents

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Per NYT as of yesterday, Uber is now exploring the new market of bike sharing in green, bike friendly SF:
SAN FRANCISCO - It's Uber, but for bicycles.

For the first time in Uber's history, the company is offering rides on roads in the United States using something other than cars. Starting next week, it will let certain users in San Francisco reserve pedal-assist electric bicycles through its app. The idea is that people will see the bicycles as a cheaper and faster alternative - not a huge stretch of the imagination for anyone who has been stuck in Friday evening gridlock traffic in San Francisco.

Uber is not supplying its own bicycles. It is working with Jump Bikes, a bike-sharing service that secured a permit in January to put 250 motorized bicycles - making it easier to tackle San Francisco's steep hills - in locations throughout the city.

"We're excited about the future of bike sharing in the Uber app, and this is the first step," said Andrew Salzberg, Uber's head of transportation policy and research.

Has Uber finally jumped the shark in its market PR stunts? What convinced Khosrowshahi that offering this new service:

1. Could ever improve Uber - City SF/SF bicyclist relations, given Uber's direct complicity in increasing SF traffic volume by some 45,000+ vehicles daily

2. NOT potentially damage Uber- Uber McScrooge pax relations? Uber pax are reknown for being miserly penny pinchers. Given that the typical Uber pax can't be bothered to tip--let alone rate--their drivers, it's likely they won't care for a service that encourages them to waste calories transporting themselves in their work commute? Nevermind a service which exposes them to the unique experience of inclement weather, potential safety/security risks such as criminals and insane homeless SF denizens along their work commute routes.....:rolleyes:

3. Given the increased capital costs for this new venture, ever improve Uber's market positioning for any future IPO valuation?? o_O

4. Could have significant profitability to let Uber achieve Travis's ultimate dream of a driverless bot fleet?

and especially how

5. Uber bikeshare could ever become a reality--without further alienating Uber's driver partners (through punitive measures like reduced pay etc) ? The very driver partners upon whom Uber critically depends to date in order to successfully achieve #3 and #4?

Assuming the startup/maintainence costs to run Uberbike share doesn't undermine #3 first -- which Uber needs to obsolete its organic driver fleet to achieve #4? o_O

Uber's constantly shifting priorities to its investors and customers have left me completely confounded to date. It's almost as though the new CEO and Board or Directors can't figure out where the hell they plan to take Uber in the future......:eek:
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