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Uber’s new in-app navigation is designed specifically for Uber drivers

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Uber's driver-facing app is getting big changes to its navigation experience, something Uber is doing to try to help make it easier for drivers to do their job without having to worry too much about switching apps or trusting navigation software designed primarily for consumer use.

The new Uber navigation experience is an upgrade from what was available in the iOS driver app, and a completely new addition to the Android version of their mobile software. Uber previously relied exclusively on external routing apps, including Google Maps and Waze on Android, offering a "Navigate" button that would pop drivers out directly into their third-party app of choice.

Uber's Maps product team lead Manik Gupta and driver app senior product manager Maya Choksi told me in an interview that the whole project is designed to help improve service in general, offering better routing from point A to point B during a trip, but also improved pick-ups, drop-offs and, perhaps most importantly, improved driver experience.

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I use the uber nav for pool. The changes they are making are good, but the biggest issue I see with nav in general is approach to the pickup. If you're going to a specific address, it would be helpful if the nav would route you to approach on the correct side of the street.

I override the suggested route maybe 15% of the time. Nav is just a tool, and its helpful most of the time.
Look at the pin closer it is either on the left or right side of the street just a little..zoom in.
Doesn't matter when the app doesn't adjust your approach for a person on the left side of the street. If I have to zoom in to see that, I'm already too close to the pickup to realize it and change my approach to come from the other direction.

The only times I've seen it do this correctly is on one way streets ;)
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