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Interesting take but I think it's the other way around. UberHAL is conditioning and training us to accept whatever rates and parameters it decides is most profitable for Uber. No rate card, no DF, and fake 'surges' are the new norm.
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Set your min rate and only take trips close to that rate, reject all other requests unless some other mitigating factor ( trip takes you where you want to go, etc) I use $30/hr when it's busy and $25/hr when it's slow, once tips and quests get added in I average ~35/hr/wk. It only takes a second or two to calculate a rough hourly rate from the request. Add the pick up and trip times to get a total time, use this to get a multiple to convert to hourly rate, then multiply this with the UFF. For example: UFF $7, pick-up time 5 min, trip time 10 min = 15 total time, 60/15 gives a 4 multiplier, 4 X $7 converts the fare to an hourly rate of $28, which I would take base on my parameters if it's slow. With practice you can do the conversion almost automatically without thinking about the math. Add in your other tactics regarding long trips, stops, etc. If everyone did this, the drivers would effectively be setting the rates.
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