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Anything less than 5, you're doing Uber completely wrong.

how many?>
I have one for Uber, one for calls, one for messaging, one for watching movies and one for browsing internet. 5 in total. What about you ?
i have two, one is a craked screeen and can barely work, oky for calling and one for ubers

Because of you, I can't see a red mazda 3 that I keep thinking it's you.
red mazda 3 with 2 uber stickers in back window on left and right bottom

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You must be level 8!
A phone tablet combo is also very good.Wind phone and bell tablet seems to be the best

Neither i me and rider communicate telepathically
Lol, I ask rider to log into driver app with my id and accept themselves lol. (just 1, thinking of getting another since current one is oldie note 2)
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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