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Yea, you gotta be careful with auto correct.
My wife texted me from the grocery store asking if I needed anything. I was going to pickle some eggs so I told her that I needed some fresh vinegar.
She texted back and said, "Whats wrong with mine?"
I said it was "old, turning brown, smelling funny. Need fresh."
She texted "**** you".

I'm like scratching my head. Looked back on my original text. Auto had changed the word "vinegar" to "vagina".
An immediate phone call got it straightened out ... close call.

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Seems that my tweets to NAACP, AL Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson had an impact. Uber trying to do damage control now, already publicly apologized. But this is not over yet. Whomever posted the screen prints here yesterday, thank you.
This was my tweet to NAACP :

@NAACP this is most concerning evidence of sick bigotry racist culture permeated within Uber's corporate culture. Consider raising your voices on uber's IPO next week. Investors should be aware this is not tolerable. Resist bigotry.
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