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Tutorial to get Navigation sent to your Sync 3 (Lincoln/ Ford) and Android auto

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Small Phone big car screen? .. This is how to get Uber and Lyft Navigation on your big screen ..using Sync 3 version 3.3 (may work on other versions)

Download Android Auto at the Play Store and install ..Turn on Android Auto First then...

Uber settings:
Go to : settings-Navigation App - and select "Google Maps in Separate app"

Lyft settings : Go to Navigation Settings - select Google Maps Navigation App -turn off Auto Navigation and Auto Switch Back (sometimes worked some times not so I just turned them off)

example as I was picking up (note my small screen showed I was still 1 minute away and Big screen showed I had arrived (I had arrived..not sure what the discrepancy is about)

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That's interesting. My phone screen is cracked really bad atm so I'm gonna try this.
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