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Trips Missing in Earnings Report

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There is a strange issue with the earnings report. All of the deliveries I've taken today are showing up in the earnings after a two hour delay. When they are finally posted in the earnings only the tips for the trip are showing not the actual fare.

I have done five so far only the first two are visible so far. For the first trip it seems they are working around this by adding the missing fare to guaranteed earnings report.

Later I see an entry for $3.25 as earnings to meet the guaranteed earnings; this happens to be the exact amount of the missing trip. There had been an earlier supplemental earning of $0.11 to meet the guaranteed earnings. It seems the $3.25 is a work around for the missing fare, while the $0.11 is actually the supplement to meet guaranteed earnings.


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The last UE delivery I did last night was missing when I got home. It's happened before and always been resolved by itself. But I took a note of the details (customer name, restaurant and delivery address) just in case I needed to contact support. Haven't turned my phone on yet, so not sure whether it was fixed.

Edit: Checked since and it showed up.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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