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Yesterday, I had an unanswered phone call from my broker Crossroads Insurance.
Today, I received a letter from them requesting to contact the office that we 'may discuss your insurance policy'. As matter seemed to be important (as appeared later, only beneficial for them) I rang them back and introduced myself. Lady was asking for a postcode automatically.
I asked who I am speaking with and mentioned that I am recording this call, she said 'OK, we record too'.

Then she's saying that they are doing DVLA check and need my NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER (slap on my face as someone recently warned on the forum not to give away your NIN without valid reason).

I asked why they need my NIN as someone legally advised me not to do so. I then mentioned that I will provide DVLA check code to satisfy their request. Email sent and they are quiet now, they didn't confirm receiving it but hey, they've been rushing to get my NIN.

So watch out guys.
If you give them the code, they may use it once.


When you give them your NIN, combine with licence number and postcode (last two they've got already) and they may check you any day, every day.

I say, annually is fair enough.
What about your experiences?
How frequent your insurers are reaching for DVLA checks?
Are they so desperate for the money now (cancelling your policy)?
Any other ideas why they try to get your NIN?
Your thoughts fellas.


I just renewed month ago.
BTW there is no offences or points on my licence.

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They are from the same lot who's been looking in people's rubbish for names and addresses they even employ english speakers from their country for call centre jobs
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I thought may be they ask those who are incapable of retrieving a DVLA code hence why just get the details and look it up themselves. I was asked for my NI and I just told them that I can get them the code so they don't need my NI.
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