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Track your rides at what you are actually paid versus the rate card

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So, while we don't know exactly what the riders are paying, unless we ask, Lyft is screwing us all. Out of the people I have asked, Lyft is taking 55-75% of each fare.

I started tracking "actual" versus "rate card" (which are still bs rates). Took out the bonus/surge rate and tips from the total paid for each ride, because you can't get an accurate figure with those in there.

Out of 83 rides so far Lyft has shorted me $42. This includes what I made above the rate card rates. While not a huge amount averaged per ride, you know they are doing this to every driver, which amounts to a lot over the course of a day.

Started looking for a W2 job. I can't keep going giving 15 rides/day, making $150/day and spending $40 of that on gas. While Lyft is charging riders 3-4 times what we are receiving.


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Yes. A great depression 2.0 is coming. Going to be food and fuel shortages for a while.... yet the stock markets seem to be going up even though we are in a recession... the fed doesn't want to see it crash.
The more money that government prints the more it filters back to the markets. Inflation.
I read these boards. Lots of anger towards Uber/Lyft. Justifiable, some not justifiable. I listen to these wannabe wheel men/girls complain about how the fairs were cut in half. Uber/Lyft charging more….whatever. What was expected? These same people don’t realize how the rides they were taking were the most sought after rides. Medium and long haul. Less were n tear, better gas mileage etc. U know how the heard thinks? Easy money right? But Supply/demand, capitalism. These individual driver business models were never sustainable, I don’t care how the numbers were adding up. All the part timers or the government or regular job moonlighters are figuring it out the hard way, possibly to a broke down vehicle or bankruptcy themselves. A statistic. Me I’m like you wanna take that airport ride or city trip or 20 mile ride for 16 dollars, knock yourself out n go for it. They’re taking them too angrily, meanwhile screaming for government regulation and intervention, or immigration, or whatever. Communist. The weak. They’re all over the place, the weak, on here, out there…..I say get a passport and move to North Korea.

final words, don’t hate the players, hate the game.

take it easy but take it
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And for all the failed weak…….

your in over your head. I knew what you were thinking, you know “these guys doing this are losers, I can do this.” What u didn’t know is the guys/girls doing this full are running sophisticated business operations that are capital intensive. Maintenance isn’t cheap when you’re doing it yourself. And I’m not talking oil changes. Fuel. Demographic behaviors, the dynamics of everything, on and on.

I’m just a loser wheelman who does pretty good!
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