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I have only done two rides for Lyft all week. One of those rides resulted in the passenger telling me they were being charged $96 for the ride. They ask how much I would be paid of that. I quickly did the math and told them, I'll be lucky to get $36. They were shocked. I dropped them off and end the ride. I'll be damned . My payout was $35.75. They kept 60 ****ing dollars!

Rate cards have been eliminated with UFF... so what are you comparing it to? A historical rate card that doesn't exist anymore?
That's not true. Here, Lyft only has upfront pricing on basic lyft. So every other tier still operates on the old rate card
Not according to Dara.

Interview with Dara
There are only two markets in my state that operate off up front pricingpricing. the rest of the entire state still functions on the "old" rate card

Yes Lyft's Rate Card is still available. Even though they claim they are not used any more.
Is this even Legal ?
They absolutely still use it. Basic lyft is the only tier that operates on The Upfront Fare model here. Every other tier still operates off of the rate card
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