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So, while we don't know exactly what the riders are paying, unless we ask, Lyft is screwing us all. Out of the people I have asked, Lyft is taking 55-75% of each fare.

I started tracking "actual" versus "rate card" (which are still bs rates). Took out the bonus/surge rate and tips from the total paid for each ride, because you can't get an accurate figure with those in there.

Out of 83 rides so far Lyft has shorted me $42. This includes what I made above the rate card rates. While not a huge amount averaged per ride, you know they are doing this to every driver, which amounts to a lot over the course of a day.

Started looking for a W2 job. I can't keep going giving 15 rides/day, making $150/day and spending $40 of that on gas. While Lyft is charging riders 3-4 times what we are receiving.
Nice chart.

If you're in a busier area and they're charging Prime Time for riders, you're getting gaped even more.
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