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I don't like having to park and wait, such a waste of time when downtown is right there and surging!
You have to remember how long the ride may be from SAN (now that you get 1.9 surge) compared to the short trips DT. If you have four short trips downtown, that may take you total of an hour to complete. If you take a run from SAN to either north county or south bay, that same time could end up being closer to $50 with the surge, $25 without. It all comes down to the time and the place they end up at. Now if you go from SAN to DT, all bets are off.

As you drive, you will be able to find the true hot spots where you make great money without having to drive all over the place.

If you venture to Sleep Train, you have any advantage because you live up north and that is where the rides are heading. I live in the south bay so even though I had a great trip last night, I had to come all the way back down south to get home. Sport arena is dead center along with SDSU so that really works out well.

Good luck.
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